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Top Qualities of All Successful Dividend Growth Investor

Top Qualities of All Successful Dividend Growth Investor

You might have read many articles, books, and drafts about how to become a successful investor. A lot of the qualities that have been mentioned in those drafts and articles tend to be helpful. However, much of the information given in these articles results as just a waste of time and overall too much useless information. We will talk about all the important and useful qualities of becoming a successful Dividend Growth Investor. Being completely straightforward, if you fail to acquire any of these mentioned qualities you will not be able to earn success as easily being a Dividend Growth Investor.

Highly Successful investors are proactive learners

Before you start investing you should read and learn how the market works. You will need to learn the different types of methods of investing as well as the terms used in the world of investors. Reading helps a lot you can see what kind of approaches other investors take as well as learn from their mistakes. It is believed that there is always room for learning and when it comes to investing you can always learn more.

People try a lot of different ways and methods of investing before the majority of these people end up converting to Dividend Growth Investors. These kinds of people know a lot of different methods of investing. Dividend Growth Investors continue to read and talk about different aspects of investing which helped them achieve what they have.

A well-defined investing strategy

Dividend Growth Investors will always start investing after properly planning their investment. They have set different criteria; buying criteria and selling criteria. They define certain rules for the management of the portfolio, relative sizes for the positions the number of stocks that they can hold is also fixed. These investors also have rules regarding whether or not they will rebalance regularly and for the reinvestment of their dividends. In case their emotions start to get the better of them, the investors have all these rules written down so they can refer to them.

Always have an exit strategy – Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Growth Investors always know how to exit a position; it is a part of their investing strategy. If you happen to talk to a Dividend Growth Investor you will realize the fact that they always know the reason that will lead them to sell their stocks. They know that even before buying the stocks. There are a lot of reasons why DGI would sell their stocks; if the growth slows or if the earning is not as expected. Some DGI’s also sell their stocks in case something about the company’s business changes. Usually, Dividend Growth Investors sell their stocks at the beginning of the new year because that is the time to pick new stocks.

Highly successful investors have strong emotional control

The stock exchange, by its very nature, is volatile. It overreacts to the news. Emotions can work against you once you experience all this volatility. But DGI investors use this to their advantage. When prices are down because people are panicking, we see that as buying opportunities. we glance to ascertain if the dividend growth remains intact, not whether people are dumping the stock.

And by watching things rationally, methodically, and logically we understand that since the stock’s fundamentals are unchanged, the stock’s price will eventually withdraw up. This helps us to regulate our emotions and cash in shopping for opportunities presented by the market’s overreactions.

If you’re watching stocks go up and down you’ll find yourself making emotional decisions, buying or selling at the incorrect time. And within the end, these hasty moves may go against you. But with DGI, you specialize in the dividend, not on the stock price. So you’re, for the foremost part, unaffected by the emotional roller coaster ride which will be the stock exchange. During bear markets, as prices drop, as long as your dividends keep increasing, you’re ready to keep your emotions in restraint and still hold on until the market inevitably bounces back.

Set your goals

Most DGI’s I do know are investing for his or her retirement. they’re planning on using their dividend income to fund all their living expenses once they’re not working. They determine what income they desire, then they build an idea that permits them to realize that income. Dividends usually cover all their expenses and hence they expect they would not be forced to sell their stocks. Therefore, DGI’s set goals supported what quite dividend income they will expect to supply, not supported what the worth of their portfolio eventually be.

Being patient

Dividend growth investor take the time to read to find out about investing and therefore the stock exchange. We study different investing methods and skim what other investors do. during this way, we learn what has been successful within the past, and what has not. then we take the time to develop an investing plan supported dividends.

Once the plan is in situ, we are patient. Do not buy a stock too early and in some situations hold a stock through tough times. albeit we love a specific company, we await the stock price to satisfy our criteria. Our valuation. we all know that eventually, a buying opportunity will come along. And if not, we’ll simply buy other stocks that do meet our criteria.

Successful investors got to be ready to wait until their plan results in success. they have to be ready to wait through some tough times. DGI’s know that DGI may be a long-term strategy. None of them expect to urge rich quick. By choosing DGI they know they will relax through all kinds of market cycles, over a few years and decades, and still collect and reinvest their dividends quarter after quarter, year after year, which within the end the results are going to be exceptional.


Anybody can become a Dividend Growth Investor because it’s such an easy, simple investing method. But to achieve the success you want to adopt the characteristics listed above. Patience might not come naturally to you. But a DGI portfolio requires patience. Because it’s a long-term process, one which will take years, if not decades, to succeed in fruition. you want to have the willingness to find out about DGI from others, you want to be ready to begin a game plan with rules for your investing, and you want to have the discipline and focus to stay to the plan, whilst others are panicking thanks to a weak market.

Study what others do, found out an idea, including your exit strategy, be contrarian, then follow through on your plan and your goals. And don’t be afraid to switch the plan if it’s not working. during this way, you can also be a successful Dividend Growth Investor.

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