best monthly dividend stocks

best monthly dividend stocks

Are you looking for the best monthly dividend stocks that feet’s your financial long-term plans? Stay ahead you might find what you’re searching for.

Having a monthly payment is good for your rent, your phone bill, or any regular monthly payment plane, yet somehow the situation may change after retirement.

While the typical people’s life tends to be organized from paycheck to paycheck, others are certain that dividend stocks are the alternative solution for their expenses (a passive income).

Best monthly dividend stocks

Apparently, when it comes to dividend stocks the difference between monthly and quarterly dividends is insignificant, but over the long-term, monthly dividends come more frequently with expenses.


A reliable real estate companies, the real estate investment trust (REIT) payouts have increased over the long-term. The companies reported that about half of listed REIT total returns have come from dividends.

However not all the REITs companies are on monthly basis payouts, however, here are some of the top REITs that pay you monthly.

  • American Capital Agency Corporation

Managed by American capital, Ltd. guaranteed by the government-sponsored agency Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. AGNC invests in mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations and some residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities( not government-guaranteed).

AGNC in third-quarter financial results reported that $16.55 tangible net book value per common share by the end of December and 2.7% economic return on tangible common equity.

  • Bluerock Residential Growth

Specializes in operating quality apartment properties in growth markets throughout the U.S. The company offers attractive investment opportunities, they generally invest with strategic local partners and privet owner-operators in the U.S.

The company’s properties estimated over 35 million square feet of real estate valued at approximately $10 billion.

More than 90% of the company’s properties have high occupancy rates, by November 2019 BRG’s divined yield stood at 5.41%, on a $.65 dividend.

  • Apple Hospitality

Located in Richmond, Virginia, the U.S, one of the largest portfolios upscale consists of 232 hotels with approximately 29,800 guest rooms. the company consistently reinvested into its hotels to maximize value and maintain financial flexibility.

Apple Hospitality is the best example of competitive advantages REITs, better yet it has has a dividend yield of 7.3% and pays its divined monthly and the monthly payouts are far better than quarterly’s.

Shaw Communications Inc.

Not a real estate company, Show communication is a Canadian company specializes in multiple businesses (telecom company) lines that include telephone, broadband internet, television, WI-FI, digital phone services. considered as a rare stock and the only telecom stock with a monthly dividend.

The company average volume is 660;792 with a market cap worth $9.851 billion, currently show’s monthly divined rate about $0.098 per share in Canadian dollars and $0.88 in U.S dollars.

show’s growth… The company’s Q1 report was great with a 9% revenue, considering the financial problem they experienced back in 2013 to 2015 but the year after 2016 things have been good and, but the company has succeeded in growing its dividends for more than a decade.

If you are thinking about investing in a non-U.S telecom company that provides a relatively high yield shows will be the right choice to make, for its strong growth potential and monthly divined stocks payout.

AGNC Investment Corp

AGNC Investment Corp is an internally managed REIT was founded in 2018, the Investment crop primarily invests in agency mortgage-backed securities, it generates income by borrowing at short-term-rats to the long-term rates.

AGNC has experienced a tough period in 2018, not only the company that felt the hit but whole the REIT industry. because the rising interest rates were highly inversely and this had led to earning capacity falls.

Investment Corp AGNC is on the monthly divined payment since 2016, and despite the collapse, they had in 2018 they never stop the monthly payment, also their trust had ensured they are willing to do what it takes to never stop the monthly payment policy.

What does the dividend analysis say about AGNC dividends? well, AGNC has a 12.3% dividend yield with the share price at $17.61. And by February the end they declared a monthly dividend of $0.18 per share.

EPR Properties (EPR)

Back to real estate, well when it comes to divined stocks real estate seems to be the fuel for creating cash flow and early retirement plan. there is a good reason why this company is not with REITs we talk about it now.

bottom line is EPR Properties might be what you are looking not only because of the dividend stocks monthly payouts but for its triple net lease real estate investment trust also specialized in education properties, recreation, and entertainment.

EPR total’s return is historically impressive for the last decade including the financial crisis of 2007 and 2009, a report by the MSCI U.S. REIT found that EPR Properties had delivered approximately 1,500% of it’s a total return to its shareholders, that’s four times total returns of any other REITs.

The trust’s dividend today stands at estimated $75, indicate that EPR’s current yield of 6%.

Global Net Lease Inc (GNL)

Global Net lease inc is another real estate company that has joined the monthly payment game along with the previous REITs. GNL investment trust acquires globally-diversified portfolio and focuses on managing them.

GNL often sell their non-earning property and simultaneously leases it back from a buyer like GNL, this strategy is known as a sale-leaseback.

What about their investment?. well, they invest in commercial properties in the U.S U.K and over broader Europe, the company offers a 10.71% dividend yield and they planning to ease to single tenants on properties it acquires in commercial regions.

Solar Senior Capital

Basically, a business development companies, offering very divined yields as they reported the current divined yield of 8,3% and it’s on the monthly dividend stocks basis.

SUNS is one of the most reliable and popular development companies among income investors, not only that but also offers a high level of income. Generally, solar senior capital growth based on new investment.

The 2018 report results show that the net investment was $1,41 per share and the net asset value ended the year at $16.30 per share. And they keep paying the monthly distribution of $.1175 per unit.

  • the unit price of $16.96
  • the yield of 8.3%.

Gladstone Investment Corporation

Seems that business development companies are very popular among income investors, and Gladstone Investment Corporation is one of those.

Gladstone Investment Corporation specializes in buyouts and recapitalization, in other words, it invests in debt securities or what they call it a stable business. their annual revenues are between $5 to $50 million.

GAIN’s had successful growth over the last years thanks to the investment strategy they develop and that what their 2018- third quarter-results shows, the results were strong and truly promising.


  • Net investment income: $0.24
  • Total investment income rose 14.3%
  • Interest income grew 4.6%

I hope you get a good idea bout the good work they are doing, truly the results show that GAIN is moving forward is interest rates but as we know that also can lead to negative results as had happened with show communications Inc.

Final thoughts

There will be a you continue investing in case you chose one of the above keeps in mind that while dividend stocks seems a smother income for you, make sure to choose your monthly dividend stocks after, and only after conducting robust means :

Based on the strength of the business model, the growth potential and recession performance including dividend results and history.


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