About Us

About Us

Welcome to personal finance blog. Here you will find various finance articles that you can learn from. I will cover wide variety of financial topics and give my expert opinion as well as evidence base data.

As a expert in personal finance, I was able to retire at age 45. I started saving and investing when I was 25 years old. In just 20 years, I was making enough passive income I no longer needed my day job. I became financially independent, now I had option to decide when to work and for whom to work.

If you guys think of topics for me to talk about than feel free to comment in one of the post or email me. I am always looking for ways to improve user experience and provide value through my content.

Please share things you love or things you found most useful to you. You never know who can benefit from it, so please share and support my work.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.